Personal Emergency Response Systems

These systems let you call for help in an emergency by pushing a button worn around the wrist or neck.

Advanced Alert
(302) 436-9406

Critical Signal Technologies
(888) 547-4462

Life Station
(866) 235-1747

Link to Life
(877) 442-3232

Philips Lifeline
(800) 368-2925

Med Scope
(610) 642-9881, ext. 709

Lifeline Systems
(800) 451-0525

Response Link
(302) 456-9012 or (302) 644-6990



These programs provide telephone calls to individuals who are homebound and/or live alone.  They check on the individual’s well-being, and see if they require any assistance.

Senior Roll Call Lifeline
Offers daily contact to seniors (55 years and older) residing in New Castle County, who live alone or have a disability that inhibits mobility, and have no daily contact with friends or family.

CONTACT Delaware, Inc.
PO Box 9525
Wilmington, DE 19809